Benefits of signing construction contracts before commencing construction

The construction projects are very delicate and should be handled with care. A contract is a tool that ensures all the terms and conditions are followed for the success of the project. Nowadays, the construction lawyers in South Africa are important more than ever in any kind of building and construction project. This is because they help solve complaints and also help both parties of a construction project understand what they are getting into before signing a contract.

Every construction company or law has different specialization areas, but they all address the construction legal matters such as:

  1. Delays that are brought about due to construction. This is a serious issue since it will inflate the cost of the whole project. Most of the time, the project manager may have exhausted the budget that was allocated and, therefore, terminate the project.
  2. Change of orders- This is the point where the person making the investment may believe that the cost is higher than expected. The cost change is due to the changes in material supplies to be used in construction. The lawyers will deal with such matters.
  3. Contracts- We have mentioned earlier that these construction contracts are multiple and, therefore, the presence of a lawyer is crucial. These contracts are between the employees, contractors and renters.
  4. Defective claims during work- This is whereby the money is not sufficient to complete the projects. Thus contractors will try to complete the project by using unorthodox means without considering the quality of the work.
  5. Liens
  6. Disputes involved in insurance claims
  7. Mildew and mold claims
  8. Structural defects such as roofing, water and structural issues
  9. Documents used by either parties used in construction